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   Curtis Seltzer is not a licensed real estate broker or real estate salesperson in the
          Commonwealth of Virginia, and does not offer to provide those services

                                                                        Arbitrator Resume    

                                            CURTIS SELTZER                                  FMCS-2937

Present Occupation: Arbitrator/Mediator. Writer. Farmer/land investor. Land Consultant,
First Business Address: Second Business Address: Use this.
c/o Bilkey/Katz Consultants 1467 Wimer Mountain Rd.
6448 Melissa St. Blue Grass, VA 24413
Pittsburgh, PA. 15206 Phone: 540-474-3297
Phone: 412-803-9900

Industrial Research Relations Association
Coal Arbitration Service
Northwestern University�s Mediation Research & Education Project

Ph.D. Political Science Columbia University, 1977
M.Phil. Political Science Columbia University, 1975
B.A. Political Science Oberlin College, 1967
Graduate work: University of Virginia, 1986-1989; U. Mass./Amherst, School of Education, 1972
Mediation, Virginia
WVA Underground Coal Mining, 1976: NRWG 1264
Licensed Virginia Residential Contractor, CLASS A, 1998-2010: #2705 045246A
1988-present: Labor Arbitrator through FMCS: WVA, VA, PA, O, NJ, USVI, DC, MD, NC. Both private and public sectors.
1984-present: Labor Arbitrator with Coal Arbitration Service. 1990-2004: Labor/commercial Arbitrator with American Arbitration Association, various regions. 1989-present: Grievance Mediator with Mediation Research & Education Project.
1989-present: USX Mining Permanent Panel (PA). 2007-present: Armstrong-Teamsters Panel (WVA). 2011-present. Permanent Panel Local 1199-McDowell Health.
Taught labor-management relations, Shepherd College.
Author, Fire in the Hole: Miners and Managers in the American Coal Industry (University Press of Kentucky, 1985). �I�ll See You Out of Court,� Virginia Business, December, 1991. Author of numerous reports and articles on labor-management relations, occupational health and safety, national energy policy, environmental issues and regional economic development.
Arbitration- and mediation-training seminars through FMCS, AAA, MREP and Virginia.
Co-founder of Augusta Mediation Center; board member, 1990 ff.
Ph.D. dissertation on labor-management relations in the coal industry.

: Automotive; bakery; building products; chemicals; coal; education; electrical equipment/appliances; federal sector; food; foundry; hotels/motels/casinos/resorts; hospitals/nursing organizations; petroleum/petrochemicals; plastics; police and fire; prison guard; shipbuilding; steel; transportation; wood/mills; utilities; federal and state sectors;
food; foundry; hotels/motels/casinos/resorts; hospitals/nursing homes; machinery; maritime; metal fabrication; nuclear energy; office workers/clerical; organizations; petroleum/petrochemicals; plastics; police and fire; prison guard; shipbuilding; steel; transportation; wood/mills; utilities; academic/research.
Affirmative action; absenteeism; arbitrability; bargaining unit work; conduct (off-duty/personal); contracting out; demotion; discipline (non-discharge); discipline (discharge); age; disability; race; gender; religion; national origin; drugs/alcohol offenses; bonus; holidays; insurance; leave; vacation; grievance mediation; health/ hospitalization; hiring practices; job performance; job posting/ bidding; jurisdictional dispute; layoffs/bumping recall; management rights; official time; past practices; pension/welfare plans; pension claim; promotion; retirement; safety/health conditions; seniority; sexual harassment; strikes etc.; subcontracting; tenure/reappointment; union security; COLA pay; holiday pay; incentive pay; job classification & rates; merit pay; overtime pay; severance pay; vacation pay; work hours/schedules/ assignments; working conditions/work orders; violence or threats; FMLA, Workers Compensation.
USX Mining, District 4 Armstrong-Teamsters (WVA) Local 1199-McDowell Health
National Mediation Board Pennsylvania Mediation Board ACUS
The Point of the Pick: A Novel of the 20th Century (January, 2018); How To Be a Dirt-Smart Buyer of Country Property (2007); Spinal Chords from the Devil�s Backbone (2015); Maple-leaf Rags (2013); Snowy Mountain Breakdown (2012); Blue Grass Notes (2011); Land Matters (2010); Fire in the Hole: Miners and Managers in the American Coal Industry (University Pres of Kentucky); Co-author, The Direct Use of Coal (US Congress; Princeton U. Press); Contributor, The Health and Safety of Workers (Oxford U.); Self-syndicated columnist 2007-2016, Country Real Estate, posted at .
FEES: $1,100.00 DOCKETING FEE: $150
$1,100.00 per Hearing Day (8 hours).
$137.50 per hour outside the Hearing Day for study/writing. I charge $200 if the parties change the Hearing day more than once after it is set. Subsequent changes incur the charge.
CANCELLATION FEE: Once a Hearing is set, I charge a one-day $1,100.00 cancellation fee for cases withdrawn or settled.
Administrative Fee: I charge a flat $200 to cover time and expenses in arranging a Hearing.
Fact Finding: $1,100.00 Hearing Day. $137.50 per hour outside the Hearing Day.
Grievance Mediation: $1,100.00 per Hearing Day. $137.50 per hour outside Hearing Day.
Travel Time: Charges travel time from nearest office.
Expenses: Mileage @ $.32 per mile, plus gasoline. Food, lodging, travel per receipts. Photocopy @ $.12 per page. UPS@$12. Travel expenses from nearest office.