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1. Three cheap ways for land sellers to improve their marketing 10/13/08
2. What is an easement? 10/16/08
3. Want to make money in country property? Buy education 10/24/08
4. Sizing up and pricing down a nice little place in the country 10/31/08
5. Seller-supplied timber values: Trust (a little) and verify (a lot) 11/7/08
6. Purchase-offer contracts need to define the seller and what the seller owns 11/14/08
7. What is the property that is being sold, and how do you know? 11/22/08
8. Earnest money: More may be less, and vice versa 11/28/08
9. What price should you offer? 12/6/08
10. How should sellers find the values of their properties and set asking prices? 12/13/08
11. How does a seller set an asking price? 12/20/08
12. Asking price: To set or not to set? 12/27/08
13. What price should a buyer offer? 1/7/09
14. Offering price strategies: High offer or low? 1/9/08
15. A General Warranty Deed is a good start 1/16/09
16. If not a General Warranty Deed, then what? 1/23/09
17. A buyer needs more than a deed to own property 1/31/09
18. Rethinking contingencies: Disclosure, warranty and make-good 2/6/09
19. Country contingencies can differ from those in the suburbs and cities 2/13/09
20. Negotiating with contingencies 2/20/09
21. Seller contingencies: What's that about? 2/27/09
22. Warranties to survive closing? 3/5/09
23. Boilerplate releases deserve some thought 3/12/09
24. Sellers are supposed to know more than they think 3/20/09
25. Time is of the essence, except when it shouldn't be 3/27/09
26. Examine prorations carefully 4/3/09
27. Heads up! When it comes to permission to disclose 4/10/09
28. The entire agreement may not mean the entire agreement 4/17/09
29. What's fair for a buyer to expect of a seller's agent 4/24/09
30. What does a buyer want his real estate lawyer to do? 5/01/09
31. How does a buyer find a real-estate lawyer in an unfamiliar county 5/8/09
32. How does a buyer scope a real-estate lawyer? 5/15/09
33. What does a real-estate lawyer do for a seller? 5/22/09
34. Make sure the seller is the legal entity authorized to sell 5/29/09
35. Exceptions to title can be cause for concern 6/6/09
36. Does a buyer need a survey for country property? 6/12/09
37. Buyers may need to include a lawyer-review contingency 6/20/09
38. Once more into the unavoidable void 6/29/09
39. Investing in timberland: Good move if it's priced right 7/3/09
40. What's the difference between market value and net intrinsic worth? 7/10/09
41. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part I 7/17/09
42. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part II 7/24/09
43. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part III 7/31/09
44. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part IV 8/7/09
45. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part V 8/14/09
46. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part VI 8/21/09
47. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part VII 8/29/09
48. What is a right of first refusal, and how does it work? 9/4/09
49. Buyers: Don't let the heat of the chase burn you 9/11/09
50. When should you ignore the advice of advisors you've hired? 9/18/09
51. Here are some ideas for getting out a jam 9/25/09
52. When should I sell my property? 10/2/09
53. How does division produce addition? 10/9/09
54. How does rural property pay for itself? 10/16/09
55. Should you buy property without legal access? 10/23/09
56. What's the future of timberland investing? 10/30/09
57. Get-in price is key to making money in land investments when future is uncertain 11/6/09
58. Timberland investing: Risk and reward in the woods 11/13/09
59. Timberland investing: Different ways to make a future buck 11/21/09
60. Broker acting badly: What explains screwing the seller? 11/28/09
61. When is a conservation easement too much? 12/04/09
62. Mortgage money is no simple matter 12/11/09
63. Rural politans are coming…and sometimes going 12/18/2009
64. Show me the money: Please show me the money 12/25/09
65. Self-sufficiency is a full-time job 1/2/10
66. A few cold-resistant thoughts on Southeast timberland are offered 1/8/10
67. Would a seller fib to a buyer? 1/16/2010
68. Is Bogle bailing on stocks? 1/22/2010
69. Are you a rational real-estate investor? 1/29/2010
70. If the price isn't right, why pay it? 2/7/2010
71. Two thoughts about the property tax 2/14/2010
72. USDA farm forecasts are mixed 2/21/2010
73. BCAP may help landowners; as always, it just depends 2/27/2010
74. Financial factors impact real estate positively and negatively 3/5/2010
75. David Sokol has three investment rules 3/12/2010
76. Selling timber rights is another way to skin a cat 3/19/2010
77. How does a buyer protect against the future in a land investment? 3/26/2010
78. 2009 sales and prices of vacation properties, up a little 4/2/2010
79. Working forest conservation easements can make sense 4/10/10
80. Who gets taken when there's a taking? 4/16/10
81. Fixing nonpoint-source water pollution may require new fencing 4/22/2010
82. Timberland is for small investors as well as large 5/2/2010
83. Land hedges both inflation and systemic risk 5/7/2010
84. Wieland's Gittleman points to opportunities for buyers  5/14/10
85. Buying and holding rural land is a good strategy 5/21/2010
86. Auctions can move rural property, King says 5/28/2010
87. State-road easements are not easy to live with 6/4/2010
88. Be careful when buying family land 6/11/2010
89. Wetlands can soak more than a buyer's feet 6/18/2010
90. What might landowners learn from the Gulf oil spill6/25/2010
91. Buyers need to look at themselves as sellers do 6/30/2010
92. Mendell looks to local factors for timberland valuations 6/2010
93. Happy trails to you 7/2/2010
94. Plum Creek's Calton is cautiously optimistic about timber prices and timberland sales 7/2/10
95. Timberland investment summit is hopeful, maybe too hopeful 7/6/2010
96. My crystal ball sees land beating stocks, but your is just as good…or bad 7/23/2010
97. Can an investor make money when land is bought too high 7/30/2010
98. The 60-percent rule is the timberland investor's carry-on safety net 86/2010
99. A thought about a land fund for Generation-Y retirees 8/13/2010
100. Value investing in rural real estate 8/20/2010
101. Want to sell real estate? Then don't play hide the ball 8/27/2010
102. Can you still build wealth with a home? 9/3/2010
103. Country visitors present opportunities and risks 9/10/2010
104. It's not who done it; it's what did it? 9/17/2010
105. Landthink Summit wrestles with tough questions 9/24/2010
106. How should a landowner sell his timber 9/30/2010
107. Notes from the first Land Summit 10/7/2010
108. Which foot forward: Best or worst? 10/14/2010
109. How do you value bare dirt in timberland? 10/21/2010
110. Acreage: What's the relationship between price and size 10/28/2010
111. 8th timberland investment summit testy and sobering 11/4/2010

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