I provide three types of consulting services to land buyers.

First, I provide telephone consultations charged at $125 per hour. 
My number is: 540-474-3297. 

I do not accept credit cards.  They add cost to my service and detract from the trust I promote with my clients.

Send me a check for $62.50, which covers my time in setting up your account and provides you with 30 minutes of assistance.  Call me five days after putting your check in the mail.  Time beyond the first 30 minutes is billed to you at my hourly rate.  Payment is due at the end of each session.

Focus your questions as much as possible.  Put them in writing.  I am not a lawyer or a CPA, so specific questions in those fields are better directed to those practitioners.  I have a network of contacts around the country, which may be useful to you.  

Second, you can mail me a summary of your situation and follow it up with a phone consultation. Include your address, phone, fax and e-mail.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

I charge a flat $50 to read your initial contact information and think about it.  Enclose a check for that amount, made out to Curtis Seltzer.  After that it’s $125 per hour.  I’ve found over the years that clients are best served by taking the time to put their story in writing rather than tell it to me cold.  Keep your narrative to three or four pages.

Send this to:
Curtis Seltzer
1467 Wimer Mountain Road
Blue Grass, VA  24413-2307

Third, I am available to find property on a fee basis.  My fee is a percentage of the gross sales price, to be paid by the settlement agent from the buyer’s funds at closing.   The amount of the fee depends on the size and value of the property purchased along with other factors.  The larger the property, the lower the percentage. You and I will sign a contract that sets forth my duties and your obligations.

This is a finder’s service. A small amount of consulting will be thrown in for free.  But after that—say an hour—I will charge the hourly rate.  You owe me the fee only if you buy a property that I introduce to you, but you owe me the hourly rate for discussions beyond the basic introduction. 

Scoping is charged at the hourly rate.  If you want me to visit the property with you, I will charge the hourly rate, plus expenses.                   

If you’re interested in working with me as a consultant-finder, write me a short letter that outlines what you’re looking for, where, why and your price range.  I don’t charge for reading these proposals.  I’ll talk with you and send a contract if we decide to work together.

I’m not a real-estate agent or broker, and I do not provide clients with brokerage  services.  I am paid by the buyer, not the seller.