Chapter 1: Three Writers Show How Not to Do It

Chapter 2: What Am I Looking for and Why Am I Looking for It
Know Thyself
Make a Revocable List
Types of Properties

Chapter 3: Farmland and Farm Dirt
Farms and Money
Rent with an Option to Operate
Farm Leases and Crop Genetics

Chapter 4: First-Time Farmers
Conventional Farming

Chapter 5: Non-Conventional Farming

Chapter 6: Farming The Tax Code, Sowing and Reaping
Business and Hobbies
Severable Assets
Estate Taxes

Chapter 7: Manure Belongs on Your Boots, Not in Your Rap
"Is there anybody left to walk that muddy mile?"
Buying and Selling to Your Friends and Neighbors
Start New Things Slowly; Make Small Mistakes

Chapter 8: Farm Equipment: Stuff is Us
Tractors: New and Used

Chapter 9: Undeveloped Property for Hunting
Hunting Hunting Land

Chapter 10: Infrastructure—Land, Property and Site
Infrastructure Packages
Property and Site Infrastructure
Infrastructure Costs
Property and Site Infrastructure Check List
Flip, Flippers and Flipping

Chapter 11: Second Homes: Developers and Developments
Building a Second Home Out Here
Buying a Second Home in a Full-Package Development
Building a Home with a General Contractor
Your Contract with Your Contractor
Architects, Contractors and You
Owner-Built Second Homes

Chapter 12: Country Houses and the Second Home
House Inspection Check List

Chapter 13: Environmental Issues
Common Problems, Broadly Construed
Common Issues
Water Hazards

Chapter 14: Resources—Minerals and Water
Discrete Assets
Water as a Financial Resource

Chapter 15: Matchmaking
Real-Estate Brokers: The Seller's Agent
Alternatives: Buyer's Broker
Disclosures, Puffing and Fraud
Auction Buying
Been-heres and Come-heres

Chapter 16: Negotiating
Communication Channels
Non-Price Issues
Mushy Bottoms and Hard Frameworks

Chapter 17: Property Location—Surveys and Such
Surveys 101
Surveys 102

Chapter 18: Thinking about Woodland
Forest Planning

Chapter 19: One Patch of Woods
Getting Oriented Toward Timber
Woods Work

Chapter 20: Thinking about Timber
Landowner's Objectives for Woodland
Consulting Foresters

Chapter 21: Scoping Timber Value
Timbering the Jones Farm

Chapter 22: Beware The Seller’s Cruise
There's No Bogus Like Show Bogus

Chapter 23: Selling Timber, Tools of the Trade
Consultant-managed Sale—Sample Consultant Contract
Timber-sale Contract

Chapter 24: Timber Taxation
Set Up
Basis and Income
Conservation Easements and Taxes
State and Local Timber Taxes

Chapter 25: Country Lawyers and Country Real-Estate Law
Finding a County Lawyer
The Legal Framework
Helping Hands: Buyer-Broker, Finder, Land Consultant

Chapter 26: Common Messes
Buyers Want 100 Percent of Everything
Legal Descriptions
Acreage Discrepancies
Acreage Verification Contingencies
The Special Case of Leases

Chapter 27: Tricks of the Seller’s Trade: Legal, Not Legal and Otherwise

Chapter 28: Bargaining Cultures and Resolving Property Disputes

Chapter 29: Writing a Purchase-Offer Contract: Strategies and Tactics
Make the Most of Your Contract Offer
All-Cash Offer With No Financing Contingency
Seller Contingency
Equitable Title
Longer Rather Than Shorter Escrow
Warranties to Survive the Contract
Security Deposits: Their Uses
Deposits: Size Should Not Matter
Time 1: Time is Not of the Essence
Time 2: First Response
Negotiating Within the Contract
A Non-Deal Deal: Seller's Remorse
Lease-Purchase Option
Buy a Lawsuit

Chapter 30: Some Ideas Organized as a Purchase-Offer Contract

Chapter 31: Thinking about Dirt Money
Research and Futures Analysis
How About a Trial Rental?
Country Money is Different From City Money

Chapter 32: Borrowing Money
System Overview
Costs of Borrowing
Interest Rates
Pitching and Hitting
Appraisals and Borrowing
Mortgage Interest Deductibility

Chapter 33: Sources of Dirt-Smart Money
13 Places to Start

Chapter 34: A Final Plea

Chapter 35: Afterword