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Latest News - Real Estate Tips, Country Property News & More
Latest News
Latest News - Real Estate Tips, Country Property News & More

1. Three cheap ways for land sellers to improve their marketing
2. What’s an easement? Part I
3. What’s an easement? Part II
4. Want to make money in country property? Buy education
5. Sizing up and pricing down a nice little place in the country
6. Seller-supplied timber values: Trust (a little) and verify (a lot)
7. Purchase-offer contracts need to define the seller and what the seller owns
8. What is the property that is being sold, and how do you know?
9. Earnest Money: More may be less, and vice versa
10. What price should you offer?
11. How should sellers find the values of their properties and set asking prices?
12. How does a seller set an asking price?
13. Asking price: To set or not to set
14. What price should a buyer offer?
15. Offering price strategies: High offer or low?
16. If not a General Warranty Deed, then what?
16. A buyer needs more than a deed to own property
17. Rethinking contingencies: Disclosure, warranty and make-good
18. Country contingencies can differ from those in the suburbs and cities
19. Negotiating with contingencies
20. Seller contingencies? What’s that about?
21. Warranties to survive closing?
22. Boilerplate releases deserve some thought
23. Sellers are expected to know more than they think
24. Time is of the essence, except when it shouldn’t be
25. Examine prorations carefully
26. Heads up! when it comes to Permission to disclose
27. The “Entire Agreement” may not mean the entire agreement
28. What’s fair for a buyer to expect of a seller’s agent?
29. What does a buyer want his real-estate lawyer to do?
30. How does a buyer find a real-estate lawyer in an unfamiliar county?
31. How does a buyer scope a real-estate lawyer?
32. What does a real-estate lawyer do for a seller?
33. Make sure the seller is the legal entity authorized to sell
34. Exceptions to title can be cause for concern
35. Exceptions to title can be cause for concern 6/6/09
36. Does a buyer need a survey for country property? 6/12/09
37. Buyers may need to include a lawyer-review contingency 6/20/09
38. Once more into the unavoidable void 6/29/09
39. Investing in timberland: Good move if it's priced right 7/3/09
40. What's the difference between market value and net intrinsic worth? 7/10/09
41. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part I 7/17/09
42. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part II 7/24/09
43. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part III 7/31/09
44. Bogus cruises: How they work, Part IV 8/7/09
45. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part V 8/14/09
46. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part VI 8/21/09
47. Bogus cruises: How do buyers protect themselves? Part VII 8/29/09
48. What is a right of first refusal, and how does it work? 9/4/09
49. Buyers: Don't let the heat of the chase burn you 9/11/09
50. When should you ignore the advice of advisors you've hired? 9/18/09
51. Here are some ideas for getting out of a jam 9/22/09
52. When should I sell my property? 9/29/09
53. How does divsion produce addition? 10/6/09
54. Baby Boomer come-heres and been-heres form rural communities 10/9/09
55. How does rural property pay for itself? 10/13/09
56. Crystal balls are never very clear: What's the future of timberland investing? 10/20/09
57. Should you buy property without legal access? 10/27/09
58. Timberland investing: Risk and reward in the woods 11/3/09
59. Grass-fed beef is an old story with a new tale 11/5/09
60. Get-in price is key to making money in land when the future is uncertain 11/10/09
61. Wheeling and dealing goes country 11/12/09
62. Timberland investing: Different ways to make a future buck 11/17/09
63. Thanks should be given for November's noise 11/19/09
64. Broker acting badly: What explains screwing the seller? 11/24/09
65. When is a conservation easement too much? 12/1/09
66. Mortgage money is no simple matter 12/8/09
67. Land heals the stress of giving 12/10/09
68. Is Bogle bailing on stocks? 1/22/2010
69. Are you a rational real-estate investor? 1/29/2010
70. If the price isn' t right, why pay it? 2/7/2010
71. Two thoughts about the property tax 2/14/2010
72. USDA farm forecasts are mixed 2/21/2010
73. BCAP may help landowners; as always, it just depends 2/27/2010
74. Financial factors impact real estate positively and negatively 3/5/2010
75. David Sokol has three investment rules 3/12/2010
76. Selling timber rights is another way to skin a cat 3/19/2010
77. How does a buyer protect against the future in a land investment? 3/26/2010
78. 2009 sales and prices of vacation properties, up a little 4/2/2010
79. Working forest conservation easements can make sense 4/10/10
80. Who gets taken when there's a taking? 4/16/10
81. Fixing nonpoint-source water pollution may require new fencing 4/22/2010
82. Timberland is for small investors as well as large 5/2/2010
83. Land hedges both inflation and systemic risk 5/7/2010
84. Wieland's Gittleman points to opportunities for buyers 5/14/10
85. Buying and holding rural land is a good strategy 5/21/2010
86. Auctions can move rural property, King says 5/28/2010
87. State-road easements are not easy to live with 6/4/2010
88. Be careful when buying family land 6/11/2010
89. Wetlands can soak more than a buyer's feet 6/18/2010
90. What might landowners learn from the Gulf oil spill 6/25/2010
91. Buyers need to look at themselves as sellers do 6/30/2010
92. Mendell looks to local factors for timberland valuations 6/2010
93. Happy trails to you 7/2/2010

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