Land Matters
The "Country Real Estate" Columns, 2007-2009 (2010) collects 117 op-ed columns, along with 14 public-radio  commentaries on CD.
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         Dirt-Smart is a comprehensive, how-to guide for finding, researching, buying and managing rural real estate --- second homes, small farms, timberland, hunting and recreational tracts, conservation properties, investments and undeveloped land. 
          It covers all issues raised in investing and owning rural property
    ~~~ financing
    ~~~ mortgages
    ~~~ negotiating
    ~~~ environmental concerns
    ~~~ natural resources
    ~~~ conservation easements
    ~~~ soil and water quality        
    ~~~ construction
    ~~~ taxation and tax strategies
    ~~~ estates and inheritance
    ~~~ surveys
    ~~~ timber harvest and logging 
    ~~~ legal questions regarding
             ~~ boundaries
             ~~ easements
             ~~ right of way
             ~~ contracts
             ~~ purchase offers
             ~~ deeds
             ~~ other common problems

          How To Be a Dirt-Smart Buyer of Country Property (2007) is the first
 and last stop for every buyer of rural real estate.

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~~~Consulting help for buyers
         in locating  and researching
         target properties.

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Curtis Seltzer is not a licensed real estate broker or real estate salesperson in the Commonwealth of Virginia,
and does not offer to provide those services

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Snowy Mountain Breakdown
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 Maple-leaf Rags
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Blue Grass Notes
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2010 along with 15 public-radio commentaries on CD.

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Spinal Chords From
The Devil's Backbone
(2015) collects 88
"Country Real Estate"
op-ed columuns from
 2013 and 2014

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